| Issue Number : 4853ID Indonesian translation

The 2024 National Strategy on Consumer Protection Now Include Tourism, Creative Economy and Logistic Services Sector

While the newly introduced 2024 National Strategy on Consumer Protection retains the majority of sectors that were originally stipulated as priority consumer protection sectors under the previous 2017 - 2019 National Strategy on Consumer Protection, the 2024 National Strategy has now expanded the list of priority sectors through the inclusion of tourism and creative economy

| Issue Number : 4852ID Indonesian translation

Return Tickets or Onwards Tickets Are Now Required for Visa Exempted Nationals

For stateless individuals or foreign nationals (i.e. individuals who are not Indonesian citizens) who are in possession of stay permits and non-passport travel documents, a number of additional requirements must be fulfilled in order to enter or exit Indonesian territory, including: 1) Re-entry permit; 2) Return or onward ticket; and/or 3) Visa approval from the Director-General of Immigration

| Issue Number : 4851ID Indonesian translation

OJK Prepares Mechanism for the Mandatory Establishment of Financial Holding Companies

The Draft Regulation encompasses 103 articles spanning 19 chapters, including revised criteria for and structures of financial conglomerates, as well as provisions on the establishment and business activities of PIKK

| Issue Number : 4850ID Indonesian translation

22 Strategic Minerals Now Set: Highlights on Implications of Mineral Downstreaming

A total of 22 mineral commodities have now been classified as strategic minerals. These commodities have strategic value and will serve as raw materials for domestic mineral downstreaming in order to develop strategic industries. In this regard, determinations of strategic minerals should be based on certain five criteria

| Issue Number : 4849ID Indonesian translation

New Mechanism for Securing Principal Approval for Stock Split and Reverse Stock Split Introduced

In order to secure principle approvals for stock splits and reverse stock splits, public companies or issuers with stocks that are listed on PT Bursa Efek Indonesia are required to fulfill various requirements

| Issue Number : 4848ID Indonesian translation

Bappebti Introduces Sharia Based Physical Commodity Market

All goods, services, rights and other interests, as well as any derivatives thereof, that can be traded and that are subject to futures contracts, sharia derivative contracts and/or other derivative contracts are required to first be approved by Bappebti in order to be traded through physical commodity markets that are based on sharia principles

| Issue Number : 4847ID Indonesian translation

KPEI: New Deadlines for Deposit Security Funds

KPEI has decided to provide a number of new facilities that utilize the Main Securities Account for Securities Derivative Contract Transactions at KPEI and the sub-Securities Account at KSEI. In this regard, KPEI has clarified that clearing members will be required to deposit the relevant security funds within six exchange days of any Securities Account being opened

| Issue Number : 4846ID Indonesian translation

Govt. Set Minimum Technical Criteria Needed for the Preparation of WP, WIUP, and WIUPK

The minimum technical criteria for Assignments that are required to be fulfilled by relevant Assignment recipients comprise three activity phases that break down as follows: 1) Preliminary investigation; 2) Advanced investigation; and 3) Prospection investigation. The results of said criteria fulfillment should be drafted into an annual report by Assignment recipients. Said reports vary across several mining commodities

| Issue Number : 4845ID Indonesian translation

LKPP Introduces Guidelines for Sustainable Procurements of Government Goods and Services

Implemented guidelines for sustainable procurements of government goods and/or services that aim to achieve value-for-money whilst simultaneously minimizing any negative impacts during the manufacture, utilization and post-utilization of said goods and services

| Issue Number : 4844ID Indonesian translation

Recent Update on KIA Draft Bill: More Facilities for Employees

Employers are required to provide certain facilities in order to fulfill the rights of women and children. Said facilities encompass: 1) Healthcare facilities; 2) Lactation rooms; and 3) Daycare facilities. Any violations of the abovesaid obligations will subject to mandatory guidance (pembinaan) and/or administrative sanctions in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. However, the KIA Draft Bill 2024 does not refer to certain laws and regulations. It is highly important to note that if these matters are interpretated as employees rights, then the non-compliance may result in the industrial relation dispute.