| Issue Number : 4870ID Indonesian translation

Tire Importers Now Required to Secure Technical Considerations for Import Approval

Importers must now secure technical importation considerations for tires in order to secure import approvals from the Ministry of Trade. Importers are required to submit various data and documents when applying for the technical importation considerations

| Issue Number : 4869ID Indonesian translation

BPJS Kesehatan Class System are Set to be Replaced with the New Standard Inpatient Class System (KRIS) by 30 June 2025

This new framework introduces the Standard Inpatient Class System (KRIS) as a benefit that is available to all health insurance program participants. The implementation of the KRIS system is set to replace the current BPJS Kesehatan system of Classes 1, 2 and 3. In addition, the use of treatment room facilities at inpatient services based on KRIS is expected to be implemented comprehensively across hospitals collaborating with BPJS Kesehatan by no later than 30 June 2025

| Issue Number : 4868ID Indonesian translation

New 2024 Draft Bill on Broadcasting: Enhanced KPI Authorities and Tightened Content Standards

The government has introduced 27 Broadcasting Code of Conduct (Pedoman Perilaku Penyiaran/P3) limitations in an effort to ensure the realization of governments broadcasting objectives, which include: 1) Public service; 2) The right to privacy and protection of personal data; 3) Women, children and disability protection; 4) Pornographic and violent content; and 5) Broadcast content related to cigarettes, narcotics, psychotropics and addictive substances, as well as alcoholic beverages

| Issue Number : 4867ID Indonesian translation

All Parties Supervised by the BI Now Required to Implement Cyber Security Measures and Governance

Seven types of parties that are regulated and supervised by Bank Indonesia (BI) and that are categorized as posing a systemic or non-systemic cyber risk to the financial system (Organizers) are now mandated to implement various measures that relate to information system security and cyber resilience (Keamanan Sistem Informasi dan Ketahanan Siber KKS). Said KKS comprise the following core aspects: 1) Governance; 2) Preventative measures; and 3) Mitigation measures

| Issue Number : 4866ID Indonesian translation

New Collaterals to Secure Releases of Certain Imported Goods via Rush Handling

The Amendment has now clarified that relevant importers are first required to deposit collateral with the relevant customs-and-excise office head. Said collateral may take one of the following forms: 1) Cash; 2) Bank guarantees; 3) Guarantees that are provided by insurance companies; 4) Guarantees that are provided by the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia/LPEI); 5) Guarantees that are provided by guarantor agencies; 6) Corporate guarantees; and/or 7) Written guarantees

| Issue Number : 4865ID Indonesian translation

More Opportunities for Bounty Hunters on Customs and Excises Violations

In addition to the existing five types of premium objects that can be awarded to any individuals, groups of people or work units that contribute to the handling of customs violations, premium objects can now also derive from the following: 1) Administrative fines for criminal violations that are not subject to investigations; or 2) Administrative fines for criminal violations for which the relevant investigations are suspended in the interests of state revenue

| Issue Number : 4864ID Indonesian translation

Liquidity Provider will be Required to Secure Approval from Market Organizer

The Draft Regulation requires all prospective liquidity providers to first fulfill the following requirements, among others: 1) Must secure a business license or approval from the OJK; 2) Must secure approval from the market organizer; and 3) Must continuously fulfill the requirements set by the market organizer. Upon meeting said requirements, liquidity providers are obliged to conduct orderly, fair and efficient securities trading

| Issue Number : 4863ID Indonesian translation

OJK Plans to Enforce New Requirements for Employers and Financial Institutions Organizing Pension Funds

Comprising 141 articles spanning seven chapters, the Draft Regulation aims to update and integrate frameworks that relate to the licensing and institutions of Employer Pension Funds (Dana Pensiun Pemberi Kerja /DPPK) and Financial Institution Pension Funds (Dana Pensiun Lembaga Keuangan/DPLK) (collectively referred to Pension Funds). In this regard, the Draft Regulation specifies the following matters in relation to the establishment of Pension Funds: 1) Eligible organizers; 2) Types of pension programs permitted to be organized; 3) Applicable requirements; and 4) Mechanism for the securing of approvals from the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/OJK).

| Issue Number : 4862ID Indonesian translation

Quantity Limitations on Hand-Carry Goods Permitted for Importation by International Travelers and PMI Officially Revoked

The Second Amendment has also made several adjustments to applicable requirements for imports of fortification premixes that will be used as raw materials during the manufacture of flour. In this regard, this type of commodity may now be imported by holders of Manufacturer Importer Identification Numbers (Angka Pengenal Importir Produsen/API-P) and does not require any import approvals to be secured. Moreover, imports of feedstock lubricant materials no longer require relevant importers to first secure recommendations from the Ministry of Industry

| Issue Number : 4861ID Indonesian translation

BPA Warning Now Required to Be Affixed to Drinking Water Packaged in Polycarbonate Plastic Bottles

The National Agency of Drug and Food Control has revised a number of provisions that specifically address the labeling of processed food products, as originally set out under Regulation No. 31 of 2018. These revisions encompass the affixation of labels to AMDK products. In this regard, any AMDK that utilize polycarbonate plastics should have the following wording affixed to them: Under certain conditions, polycarbonate packaging can release BPA into bottled drinking water.