| Issue Number : 873

Indonesia's Crypto-Asset Trade Landscape: Unveiling Frameworks on the Regulatory Sandbox and Physical Markets

Given that crypto assets are now classified as part of Technological Innovations Within the Financial Sector (Inovasi Teknologi Sektor Keuangan ITSK) under the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/OJK), the trading of crypto assets is now being undertaken through a Sandbox trial and development mechanism to assess the feasibility and reliability of ITSK. Nonetheless, various previously issued frameworks of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi/Bappebti) will continue to remain in force and broadly covers the following specific areas: 1) The organization of the physical market trading of crypto assets through the futures exchange; 2) List of tradeable crypto assets; and 3) List of crypto-asset trading institutions.

| Issue Number : 872ID Indonesian translation

Empowering ISPO Compliance: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities

In the ongoing global push towards sustainability, acquiring Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification is crucial for businesses that are looking to enhance their competitiveness within the international export market. This certification demonstrates compliance with various legal and sustainable standards that are outlined in the ISPO principles. In order to obtain this certification, businesses must submit various documents to the ISPO certification body, including plantation business licenses, proof of land ownership and environmental permits. Businesses that ultimately succeed in securing ISPO certificates may subsequently attach the ISPO logo to their products and/or use it in their plantations

| Issue Number : 871ID Indonesian translation

Draft Bill on Broadcasting: Digitalization of Broadcasting Technology and Restrictions on Broadcasting Institutions and Content

The Draft Bill has been introduced to address three core issues (i.e. multiplexing, analog switch-off and broadcasting content) and aims to modernize the broadcasting industry by allowing broadcasting services to be provided through the use of digital platforms (including both television and radio broadcasting services). In addition to newly featuring of activities that comprise the organization of digital broadcasting platforms, the Draft Bill has made a number of significant adjustments to broadcasting content requirements and prohibitions.

| Issue Number : 870ID Indonesian translation

Cases Trends Analysis of Supreme Court Decisions on Corporate PPh Tax Disputes in Indonesia

In this article, we will delve into the trend cases related to the DJPs losses and wins against corporate taxpayers specifically in tax disputes involving corporate PPh. Our discussion will be based on an understanding of the applicable provisions on corporate PPh and mechanism to settle tax dispute, as well as analysis of various Supreme Court decisions, particularly at the Judicial Review level in 2023

| Issue Number : 869ID Indonesian translation

Balancing Business Objectives with Social and Environmental Impacts: Understanding the CSER Regulatory Landscape

During the undertaking of various business activities, business actors should observe their responsibilities to the community and the surrounding environment. As a consequence, business actors, particularly companies, should focus not only on the economic dimensions of their operations but also on the social ones. These kinds of responsibilities are reflected through various Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibilities, which are expected to improve community welfare and protect the surrounding environment

| Issue Number : 868ID Indonesian translation

Strengthening the National Cybersecurity Ecosystem: Unveiling New BSSN Frameworks on Cyber Incidents and Cyber-Crisis Management

The National Cyber and Crypto Agency (Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara/BSSN) has introduced two new frameworks that specifically address the handling and reporting of cyber incidents as well as the establishment of cyber-incident quick reaction teams. Both of those frameworks have specified the mandates of protecting electronic system of vital information infrastructure (Infrastruktur Informasi Vital IIV) and non-IIV electronic system organizers (Penyelenggara Sistem Elektronik/PSE), as well as outlining the involvement of affected PSE, particularly in terms of the mitigation of and recovery from cyber crises, as well as estimations of the impacts of and losses that result from said crises.

| Issue Number : 867ID Indonesian translation

Gift-Giving During Religious Celebrations: Gratuities vs Tradition

In order to prevent the occurrence of acts of gratification that can be classified as bribery, companies should establish internal policies and codes of conduct that set out various preventive measures, including in relation to the sending of hampers/parcels to their affiliates during Eid Al Fitr events, as well as to State Officials. In this regard, prior to sending any hampers/parcels to State Officials, companies should check the relevant regulations that apply within said institutions in order to gain an understanding of the types of gratuities that are not subject to the reporting obligation

| Issue Number : 866ID Indonesian translation

A to Z of Technical Legal Assistance During Cross-Border Civil Cases in Indonesia: Submission and Handling of Requests

The article delves into the recent signing of five cooperation agreements between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Supreme Court that focus on technical regulations for the handling of requests for judicial assistance during cross-border civil cases. These agreements originate from an official Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the two state bodies and that cover various technical and operational aspects that aim to streamline the processes associated with judicial assistance

| Issue Number : 865ID Indonesian translation

The Minister of Trade Updated Requirements and Limitations of Imported Goods to Prevent and Mitigate Illegal Trading

Amendment emphasized the limitation of personal belongings and consignment of goods through an airplane postal of goods that originally featured under Regulation 36/2023

| Issue Number : 864ID Indonesian translation

Indonesia's National Gaming Industry: Accelerating Development and Forthcoming Legal Frameworks

Indonesia has laid out the groundwork for further accelerated development of its national gaming industry. In this regard, 2024 is expected to be a remarkable year and should go a long way towards establishing a competitive national gaming industry within the country.