Lesson Learned from the Bankruptcy of Nyonya Meneer

The countrys bankruptcylaw and its focus upon large-scale debtors, impacts upon the low rates of individual bankruptcy applications here. This is in stark contrast with the higher rates that persist indeveloped countries.This in turn can have dreadful consequences and stories of desperate individuals who take their own lives as a result of their debts are often to be found in the media

Foreign Ownership of Indonesian Real Estate Land: Its Purpose, Changes and Potential for Success & A Comparative Analysis

With many countries opening their Doors to global investors, countries allow themselves become the New Gold, for both individual and corporate investors. Although many investors found tremendous success in their path, some Backfired.

Building the ASEAN Community Legal Structure

In the near future then, the emergence of an ASEAN Community legal order can no longer be avoided. Developing and organizing the communitys new legal structure is a must in order to realize the vision for an integrated ASEAN. These are the challenges that not only will member states be facing, but also legal experts, lawyers and academics

Legal Cooperation Among ASEAN Countries: Combating Money Laundering In Indonesia

Money laundering has become an international problem that needs an international solution through the development of law enforcement cooperation among nations, especially in East Asian region.

Misconceptions About Common Law Litigation

Indonesians often assume that litigation in a common law system is more efficient. However, this belief is often based on pop-culture sources such as Hollywood movies and tv /or stories heard through the grapevine, which do not provide an accurate account.

Ratifying the Rome Statute: Almost There and Back Again

Indications of fear amongst Indonesian politicians that the Rome Statute could be abused to interfere with the countrys domestic politics. Prime example is this years Presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto

Divestment in the Mining Industry - Are We Ready ?

It is questionable whether the Government is ready and will be consistent in traversing the difficult economic road ahead.