The New Incentive(?) for Whistleblowers for Revealing Crimes of Corruption

To be effective, the whistle-blowing system should assure reporter anonymity, emphasize good-faith reporting, and provide incentive and/or proper protection for the reporter. If the information contains an allegation of criminal conduct, it is advised that the company liaise with LPSK to maximize protection for the reporter.

Corruption Perception Index and the Integrity of the Private Sector

Indonesia still tends to view corruption as a pathology in the public sector, and therefore, direct more efforts to eradicate corruption in the public sector. While in fact, the private sector contributes substantially to corruption in the public sector

Lessons from Recent Data Scandals: a Call for Corporate Digital Responsibility

Implementation and mere compliance with the law are insufficient, number of complaints deriving from consumers who have become the target of product marketing activities without them knowing how their personal information came to fall into the hands of parties engaged in said marketing and promotional activities

Digital Data Analytics: Between Technology and Political Power

problems arise when digital data is gathered without the approval of the data subject or when organizations collect and use personal data without providing enough information to their membership for them to be able to render meaningful consent

The Non-Government Budget Investment Financing Program: An Overview

Indonesia desperately needs to upgrade its infrastructure, however, the government is limited in terms of the funding that it can provide. As a result of this funding shortfall, the PINA project was launched and, according to the government, will complement the Public - Private Partnership (PPP) scheme

Lesson Learned from the Bankruptcy of Nyonya Meneer

The countrys bankruptcylaw and its focus upon large-scale debtors, impacts upon the low rates of individual bankruptcy applications here. This is in stark contrast with the higher rates that persist indeveloped countries.This in turn can have dreadful consequences and stories of desperate individuals who take their own lives as a result of their debts are often to be found in the media

Foreign Ownership of Indonesian Real Estate Land: Its Purpose, Changes and Potential for Success & A Comparative Analysis

With many countries opening their Doors to global investors, countries allow themselves become the New Gold, for both individual and corporate investors. Although many investors found tremendous success in their path, some Backfired.

ASEAN Integration in the Midst of American and Chinese Dominance

The main challenge currently facing further ASEAN integration is that the communitys member states are competing with the United States (US) and its Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agenda, as well as with the People's Republic of China (PRC), with its Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

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